My take on Crealies Patchwork Dies

It all started when I was in JoAnn's and picked up a copy of "Simply Cards and Papercraft Magazine".  The one that is published in the UK.  I love that magazine and sometime I can find them at JoAnn's.  In Issue 147 they showed some cards created with Crealies Patchwork Dies.  I loved them....so on the hunt I went to purchase them here in the US.  Sadly I couldn't find anywhere to buy them here, I was so bummed. I then visited Pintrest and saw all the wonderful things people were creating with Crealies Patchwork Dies.

Well my creative mind started being CREATIVE.  I opened my Silhouette Studio software and after a few days I had created a Circle Patchwork Card, Square Patchwork Card and Octagon Patchwork Card.  Probably not a beautiful as their dies, but it worked for me.  I just love the way these turned out and though I would share the files if anyone else is interested.

What is really nice about these cards is you can also use up a ton of scraps.  I just love decorating them all in different styles.

The sad thing I figured out after putting the circle ones together was they don't stand when finished with 3-D embellishments.  They seem to want to roll towards the heavy directed side.  My favorite is the Octagon style. You can't tell unless you look
closely, they top 2 layers on each card are mounted with foam tape 1/8" think.  It adds just enough dimension to the cards. I've used distress ink, pearls, created flowers, cut doilies and lot of other supplies to give them just a wonderful 3-D look.

Now because they are 5" x 5" cards, it does take extra postage on the envelope.  The USPS considers a square envelope a special mailing...but to me they are so different it just is worth it!  Below, you will find the download to the studio files and close up pictures of each of the cards so you can see the detail better.  I hope you enjoy these and find them as much fun as I did.

Please do not share or post this file anywhere on the internet without permission.  If you have friends that would like this file please ask them to visit my blog for their download.


Fun with distress inks and FREE Distress Ink Chart

Hi I hope you are having a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Over this past few months I have become a distress ink freak... Yep, I love them so much to do with them. My dear hubby has been wonderful about not letting me stop buying more and more and more.

I started in January purchasing all the mini distress ink pads and tins. I got them when they were on sale with JoAnn Fabrics.  When they came so many of them were dried up I didn't get to enjoy the whole experience. I contact JoAnn's and after about 1 month and a half they issued me come compensation for the problems.  I turned around and took that money and bought re-inkers from Simon Says Stamp.  I got 12 re-inkers the first time around.

Now have I had fun!

Thanks to Pintrest and You-Tube, I've been able to learn so many techniques.  Jennifer McQuire is one of my favorite people to learn new ideas from. But as you know we can never have enough supplies so I just had to have the rest of the re-inkers.  Then I saw how much I loved the creations people were doing with the Distress Stains.  I could just imagine telling my hubby I needed all 60 colors of distress stain. That wasn't going to happen any time soon.

Then in my travels on Pintrest someone mentioned how she made her own stains.  So I did....I just needed some nice plastic spray bottles I found on Ebay and re-inkers.  They were inexpensive and I already had re-inkers to use.  I filled them 3/4 full with water and 1 dropper and a half with ink.  They turned out the perfect color and not too watered down. These bottles sprayed wonderfully for what I wanted to use them for. I saved a fortune!! Here are some card fronts I made with them.

Once I started to mix them together, I realized I need to create Labels for the bottles so I would know which color is which.  They work great and I keeps them on a shelf right next to my desk so I can grab them quickly!

As I started looking at my collection of Distress Ink Pad, Sprays, Markers etc. I realized I needed something to keep track of what I have and what I need.  I decided to create a PDF I could keep handy and refer to when I was adding to my collection or just looking for blending colors. When I finished, I thought I'll bet there are a lot of others that
might find this very useful. It keeps track of each color.  You can record if you have the mini ink pad, large ink pad, re-inker, marker, spray, paint and even if you need to order more ink.  I've also left a column where you can put an actual stamped image so you can see the actual color. Please feel free to download a copy for yourself.


Well I hope you enjoyed learning about my fun with distress inks. I'll be creating some new projects and ideas and add them later in the blog. Enjoy the distress ink chart. I'm sure you find it very handy!


Lots of Scraps

Over the last weekend I decided it was time to clean the craft room...

Oh my do things get disorganized when you are being creative. Plus I was getting a new big cabinet I needed to make room for.

Well you know that interesting phrase....one thing leads to another.  Boy was that the truth for me.

A few weeks ago my daughter and I were talking and she told me her daycare can use any paper scraps or card stock pieces, so I was beginning to go through them for her.  As I did I kept seeing papers that would work with other scraps of papers...uh oh...here go the wheels in my head.

Well now my daughter is getting less for her daycare! I actually used almost all of it I had.  I had a few ideas of my own but needed some inspiration from others.  Off to visit Pintrest I went.  I found a ton of ideas on there and altered them to fit what I had in scraps.

I ended up making a tone of cards and made myself feel great about using all these scraps up. I was showing my husband all the cards I made from the scraps thinking he would be so proud, but....he said, "Oh great, more room to fill with more supplies".  Yep he was right, so I guess this is a "WIN WIN" situation for me.

Try it your self....you will be so pleased.


Hi and Happy New Year to everyone.

Today I thought I would share an easy Thank You card.

I have been spending my holiday week coloring my little heart away.  Santa was very good to me this year and gave me my dream gift of the Prismacolor Colored Pencils.  I was very lucky and got the 132 set.  So many colors, so much fun!

I also got lucky enough to discover a great website.  Jennifer McGuire Ink.  I just love her site with so many simple and easy ideas.  If you haven't found her yet, please do.  You will learn a ton from her.

I wish I could just spend 1 day looking at all her wonderful supplies.

Anyway, I decided to create some thank you notes for my daughter to use for her parents that gave her wonderful Christmas gifts. My inspiration came from a card that Jennifer created.

I loved the way the text is on the front bottom of this card.  Jennifer McGuire created this idea with greeting stamps. Sadly, I'm not her and didn't actually have enough stamps that would make this work.  So I decided I could create this idea in my Silhouette Software.  

I designed the text and placed it on an A2 card.

To get the grey text to look like fading text, I filled the letters with a gray gradient coloring and adjusted it the direction I wanted.

I then printed these out on the computer and either cut them by hand or using my cameo.

I then choose the design to put on the front.  On this one, I printed these out also on the computer. I then began coloring using my "new favorite pencils".  I am actually making 20 of these and it only took me about 2 hours to color all of them.

I then die cut the picture and a mat so place on top of the card. 

I didn't like the plain white edges on the design, so I took my Ranger blending tool and Memento Dew Drop Summer Sky ink and lightly shaded the edges of the white around the boy.
It just gave it a softer look.

Now we are ready to assemble...

Mount the colored piece onto your mat.  Then add a brad at the top and bottom through both pieces of cardstock.  

Now place your ribbon on the front of the card on a diagonal and glue down. I have used both liquid glue or even my tape runner.  Trim the ribbon to fit the width of the card.

Add 2 foam pads to the back of the matted picture and attach to the front of the card. 

That's it, you are all done.  If you were making just one of these cards.  It probably wouldn't take you more that 15 minutes to go from start of finish.  It is just a very simple card.

I've created simple birthday, get well cards and a whole lot more.  They are just so easy and fun to do.

I hope you found this a fun idea!

Below is listed all the products I used and they can all be found a Amazon at reasonable prices.